RUST Coaling Tower Event Guide

RUST Coaling Tower Event Guide

The Cobalt Logistics Coaling Tower (CLCT) is an optional, event-based way to gain extra resources in RUST, and was introduced in August of 2022 with the Trainyard Unloading update. Like previous resource acquisition methods such as the Excavator, Pumpjacks, and Mining Quarries, the Coaling Tower is a new way for players to obtain both resources and loot.

Where is the Coaling Tower Event located?
Players can find the Coaling Tower event within the confines of the Train Yard monument. The Train Yard is an open combat field, as four scientist NPCs are patrolling about in open buildings, not locked behind keycard systems. This monument is within the boundaries of the mid-to-high-tier difficulty rating concerning RUST monuments due to its inherent clothing requirement and popularity. While this guide doesn’t directly focus on the monument itself, it is where the Coaling Tower Event takes place, so prepare accordingly for the threats and radiation awaiting you.

How does the Coaling Tower Event work?
Here’s how the Coaling Tower works from a high-level view:

Acquire and fuel up an engine-type train car
Find cargo-type train cars and connect them
Ferry cargo to the Trainyard monument’s Coaling Tower
Position the train cars under the vacuum arm
Use a green card to access the tower and activate the machine with a fuse
Loot the event tank and skip to the bottom floor and the cargo trains for loot
Repeat the process until complete
The premise of the Coaling Tower Event is relatively simple; a direct train rail line runs through the center of the Train Yard monument, assuming the map seed is at least 4250 in size. This rail line is a direct offshoot of the primary above-ground rail network found around the map. An assortment of train car types will automatically spawn on the rail line. These train cars can be used by any player that stumbles across them.

How do you get started with the event?
Connecting and moving the train cars across the map will require obtaining one of the three different engine-type train cars, or locomotives, that operate on Low Grade Fuel. Without these, there is no practical method for moving any other type of train car.

Be on the lookout for the following:

Car Type
Large Locomotive
Largest, most powerful engine type, capable of pulling large amounts of cars at a time. Higher fuel use per minute, but a must-use to maximize return per hour.

Covered Workcart
Mostly covered workcart-type engine, capable of pulling very few cars simultaneously. Greatly impacted by elevation changes.

Uncovered Workcart
Mostly uncovered workcart-type engine, capable of pulling very few cars simultaneously. Greatly impacted by elevation changes.

Train engines for pulling or pushing train cars
Depending on the type of locomotive you use, additional train cars can then be coupled to the front or back side of the engine and shunted around the map to the Train Yard monument. Once a locomotive is acquired, you can begin to gather additional train cars filled with ore, fuel, or loot. Like the locomotives, these cars spawn naturally on the above-ground rail lines.

In particular, you’ll be on the lookout for:

Car Type
Sulfur Ore Wagon
A cargo train, with sulfur ore visible from the top of the train car.

Metal Ore Wagon
A cargo train, with metal ore visible from the top of the train car.

Charcoal Wagon
A cargo train, with charcoal visible from the top of the train car.

Low Grade Fuel Wagon
Large fuel car containing Low Grade Fuel, viewable before removal via the top three hatches.

Loot Wagon
Half-depth box car containing lootable boxes but obstructed by debris.

Accessing and operating the Coaling Tower Event
There are two separate Green Keycard door entrances for the Coaling Tower. The first and most obvious is the ground level right near the tracks, which takes you straight into the unloading area. Players will be immediately greeted with a large fuel drum and a dry hopper (skip) outfeed on the ground level.

Each of these is lootable and will be the repository of any extracted resources of their respective types. Also evident from entry is a ladder leading up to the control platform station. To activate the control panel, players must bring at least 1 (possibly more) Electric Fuse, depending on how many cars there are to unload.

Once the train is in position and the fuse is inserted, there are two red up and down toggle buttons for transitioning the train’s position on the tracks (remotely). After you have things in place, another small red button will allow the collection of the resources onboard.

An actuating vacuum swingarm will then (very loudly) unload one car at a time, pending player swapping after each successful unload. Once unloaded, the decay rate of the emptied cars increases dramatically to make way for other trains coming through, so be sure to collect loot quickly and keep an eye out for others looking to instigate a fight and take your precious cargo.

Recently added was an additional backdoor entrance, considerably less obvious and ‘safer’ from a certain perspective. Following the ladder up further will bring you to said entrance. This entrance is accessible by going to the top of the card room building and jumping down onto the new scaffolding. It still requires a green card to get into, but it is more inconspicuous than the open base entrance door